Web Design I


Essay 1

Address the following items in this first short essay:

  • Tell me a little about yourself including any exposure you've had to web design in the past.
  • Based on your perception of web design and what you've learned about in the introductory readings, describe how web design is different from traditional print design. Note that if you're still waiting for your book to arrive you can base this solely on your own perception of the differences.
  • In what ways do you anticipate being challenged by the course? Share any concerns or challenges you've encountered so far in this online course.

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Essay 2

As we head back into the world of presentation and begin to think again about how things look, think about how your understanding of the web has changed based on what you learned in the last three weeks about HTML.

  • You focused on what the content meant rather than just how it was presented. How has focused on the meaning of the content first changed your understanding of web design?
  • How are you feeling so far about "coding?"
  • Is your strategy for studying and completing activities in this online course working? If so, what has lead to your success? If not, what are some things you can do to improve?

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Essay 3

Read this landmark article from, "A Dao of Web Design." While written in 2000, John Allsopp talks about things related to web design that are very relevant for us today. In your Reflection Essay, feel free to take a more casual, personal, reflective tone as you answer these questions:

  • How does this article affect your understanding of web design, especially its limits, and its possibilities?
  • How has your overall perception of web design been shaped by what you've learned about its fundamental technologies, HTML and CSS?
  • How has your interest in this field been affected by this course so far?

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